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​Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a variety of questions which you may have.    Ultimately every project is a little different so it's best to call us and discuss your project, but to get you started here are some of the most common inquiries

Question:  What is a development Permit?  

Answer:  A development permit is a permit which allows the development of a project, but more specifically it's a permit which says the "design" of your project is allowed on your parcel of  land.     For example, a client may wish to build a triplex on their parcel of land, but the Landuse Bylaw may or may not not permit it.    RMH Drafting & Consulting Ltd.  is able to establish whether the use is permitted or not and then prepare the necessary drawings to apply for the permit.   

Question:  What are your fees?

Answer:  Fees range in price for every project depending on the services that RMH Drafting & Consulting Ltd. will provide.    

Question: Do you handle the permit applications or do I?

Answer:  At RMH Drafting & Consulting Ltd.   we can work in either situation.  Our preference is for us to apply for and manage the Development Permit process.    For the building permit application, our preference is that the general contractor will handle the permit as there are questions and information that is simpler for him to provide.    However we can complete both applications if necessary.  

Question: What is the development permit process?

Answer:    Once the development permit drawings are completed, the application is made at the City of Calgary.    The Development permit is made up of two sections; approval and release.  

Approval: Generally it takes about 4 weeks for an initial set of comments to come back from the City of Calgary; the comments will address items which the City is concerned about with respect to the Landuse Bylaw.    For simpler project, these comments are minor, for more complex project the comments can be more detailed.     RMH Drafting & Consulting Ltd. will address the comments in conjunction with talking with the client about any necessary changes (if any).   These changes are usually completed within a week and are resubmitted back to the city.     Once all the comments have been address the city will approve the permit.  

Release:  When the permit has been approved, the development permit is then advertised, the project is advertised in the news paper and also a sign is placed on the site advertising the project.    This is the opportunity for the public to appeal the City's decision to approve the development permit application.    After the two week advertising period; should no appeal applications be made and there are no prior to release comments to be addressed then the development permit